Sick kid

So I have been home with a sick kid. It is crazy how I can count to the day when he will get sick despite all my best efforts.  Personally I think he is detoxing from the new supplements his homeopathic/md recommended.  I am not a dr I only play one in my world 😉 but from what I have read fish oil and vit d remove heavy metal.  I think he is detoxing.  He was up night before last burning up as I watched his body fight!  He also complained of a headache which he never has. After a day of rest and chiropractor visit and “crazy” mammas care his fever is gone and he appears to be much better.  Funny when my mother in law saw him and felt his head she says “just give him Tylenol”. I looked at her puzzled and said no! She looked at me like I was “crazy” but respects my thoughts and even accepts them a bit.
We learn daily with every experience. 
My rant is why must you be viewed as “crazy” for not following the norm?  
I welcome a discussion on this and would love your input.

Ttyl The “crazy” mamma….


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