Dad vs Mom

This is certainly a rant! I start this by saying I have one of the good guys He is a hard worker and in spite of my “crazy” antics he loves me to death!! Oh and a great father! THAT BEING SAID………… News brief to all. Although I am grateful that I am with my lil man 24/7 NEVER underestimate how hard that job is! Being home with your child is BY FAR the hardest job. I am also blessed with a child who loves life and doesnt want to miss a second of it! So when you are on your 25th hour and your spouse comes home from work and complains of what a long day they have you want to through something at them!!!
Being tired can put a strain on any relationship.
Always treasure the person who has put themselves aside to care for you! Last night was my first night without a call for mommie. Meanwhile my spouse is still sleeping while I have been awake since 5am ish! Yeah lets see….hmmm why am I a cranky “crazy” mamma?! 😉
I welcome your comments..


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