As I have started my blog and facebook page I say why am I not getting more feedback or interaction from my audience??Then it came to me. I am a what you see is what you get kind of gal. I never say anything behind peoples backs or talk from two mouths. I also dont pretend or cover up the events that go in in my life. Then it occurred to me….as my hubby says ” well it isnt you”.

Cyberspace can be whatever you want it to be. How many times are we told not to air our dirty laundry? To an extent I do believe that and certain things are private! How many of you know people personally who’s life is FAR from perfect(as most of us are) but on facebook they have it all??? REALLY?? Who are you kidding? I come from the you dont like it change it school. AND I HAVE followed my own advice.

So my thought is that perhaps no one wants to participate in RANTING because of fear that their un perfect life will be revealed? WHO CARES!!! Be true to yourself. Your problems are probably everyone elses problems. Only by sharing can you gain insight. OR perhaps I am the only one who feels the need to RANT and express myself and get insight from others?? I now offer private in boxing and reposting anonymously .I will see if people are more comfortable with sharing/ RANTing and get feedback without airing their own dirty laundry.

AGAIN I guess this is why I am the CRAZY mamma!!

What are your thoughts on cyberworld lives?? Are you like me and like feedback? Because in the end we really are the sane ones!!!!

Please note this post is by no means insulting people who dont wish to share their world.


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