How many of you have good friends? My grandmother once said if you can count on one hand your real friends you have lived a good life.  Thankfully I have more years to get there!
Funny how when you are younger your friends can make or break you.  Are you popular, pretty, smart and likable?  In my experience those things can work against you.  As a girl the more attractive you are the more the boys “like” you and the girls DONT. Add out spoken and honest and well thank god for men! Lol..
Unfortunately some women are not able to have stable female relationships or they are rare and far between.  Male and female relationships once the sex is removed can prove to be quite good. The hard thing with that is in men are rarely emotional so there is a big dynamic missing.
I personally have great male friends that have been there for me through thick and thin.  My female relationships not so much.  I have had many friends in my life but only a few that I hold dear.  Funny how life changes as so do your needs.  I have been fortunate that my “friends” have served their purposes during my path.  There are those friends you can call on a dime if you need them but those same friends can go out down the block from you and don’t call to invite you.  Then there are the friends you talk to after months of not talking and you pick up were you left off. Then there are the friends you call when you need sound advice you can count on.
Life gets very busy as people gain careers and families.  Sometimes just getting to the phone is an impossibility.
What I have realized is a solid family life alleviates the need for such friends.  When you have a family and they are your priority things become very clear.  I used to put others in front of myself.  Through many broken hearts I have learned now how to pick and choose. I do thank the people in my life good and bad that have taken me to this point. 
My best advice is to gain a best friend in your spouse and god willing you will always have them behind you!
Anyone want to share their friendship experiences?

Ttyl The “crazy” mamma….


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