Sorry for my absence

On Monday it will mark the six month point from my worst nightmare coming true. My day started like any other and ended in an emergency room where. I sat beside the body of the man I devoted my life to. The love of my life. My life mate and the father of my child, my beloved husband. It was as if I was watching someone else’s story but I knew it was mine. A healthy virile 43 year old man who they said suffered a massive heart attack that took his life.
Now I must raise my soon to be 6 year old boy a single mom. Something that a 38 year old pregnant , married women never thought she would face. The one person who supported me and all my “crazy” ways was ripped from me.
I am trying to live again. Trying to smile. Trying to get through each day with positivity and grace. Trying to stay true to all the things that made my husband love me so. He always excepted, believed and supported me. That isn’t easy to find especially when a women is so strong. They say behind every good man is a better women. I can say safely the love a great man can truly empower a women too. I am blessed to have been empowered and his love and support still lives in me.

I want to try and continue my journey and help others find support in thinking out of the box. I am going to try and start blogging again not only on my beliefs for our children but for others struggling to find the strength to keep going.
Will you stay with me. Please show your support.


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