My conclusion

Knowlegde is power and sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes a curse. The more you read the scarier things become. It amazes me how many of us have walked down the same path. All the stories I hear about the 4 A’s( autism,ADHD,allergies and asthma) all start off the same but go into different directions with the final outcome.
 To my knowledge we are on the other side and I truly am blessed. It breaks my heart hearing all the stories about our children.
So why is this happening? comes thinking out of the box.I will not go into a total rant BUT maybe it is the new world we live in. The world were our food supply is compromised by poisons in the soils and sprayed on food. The GMO’s, the hidden sugar and chemicals and so on…..Then the mercury in our fish and vaccines. Ahh touchy subject, vaccines. According to the medical profesionals there is no correlation, but if you speak to a mom and follow the events I tend to disagree. Do I believe in vaccines? Yes but not triple what I grew up with and minus the toxic crap and the young ages we start. I think the environment we live, the food we eat, and the toxic vaccines has weakened our children. Not just one thing but a combination of them.
That being said I am still on my mission to have a healthy family. So how do we do it? How do we afford it? How do we live and interact with others in a social food eating environment? How do we protect our children from diseases without compromising their immune system? How do we get kids off of nebulizers? Ritalin?
I know a lot of very strong women who are fighting for their families and I commend us all. After speaking to an old friend and some facebook posts on these topics my mind went to making this page. My friend says ” I private messaged you because I didnt want anyone to say anything,” “you know us CRAZY mom’s”…..That was when I said we ARE NOT crazy but quite astute. Now I say let us “crazy” mamma’s help each other. Let us take our health back by seeking alternative measures.
On the next page join my blog or hit the links for twitter and facebook. Lets help each other. Lets RANT……….


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