Repost comment on getting in the mood!

I am reposting a comment from last night’s RANT on finding the energy for your mate. This is a great idea and wanted to share it with you. Tell us what you think and if you like share your little secret too ūüėČ
I think almost every mom deals with being tired and done.. unfortunatly, there is no perfect answer. One thing a friend told me (but I keep forgetting to do, lol) is to pick a random day an…d leave some sort of reminder around the house, like make up a word that your kids don’t get and put post it’s on the fridge, inside a cabinet, ect with the word on it. The word is supposed to remind you to think about your husband and being intimate with him. My friend claims that she does this at least once a week and by the time her husband comes home from work, she can barely get through dinner and getting the kids to bed. She want alone time with her hubby. Other than understanding and sympathy, that’s all I’ve got.
Up the “CHEMISTRY” for tired mamma Love this idea. DO you have any you would like to share?

Tuesday Rant…..Respect your elder’s???

Speaking of older people (and please forgive me if I offend anyone) yesterday I was at the checkout line at the supermarket. My son helped me load all my groceries onto the belt and we had to wait a few minutes as the girl at the register finished with the customer before me. Suddenly I feel my cart being pushed, ever so slightly but enough to knock into me. The elderly lady behind me in line was pushing my cart with her cart being so blatantly passive aggressive! She did it several times hitting me each time. I had to hold my tongue because my son was there otherwise she would have heard it from me. Here is the question… should I have said something? Do I give my son the example of patience and tolerance, or do I teach him it’s not OK for anyone to bully you, no matter WHO they are?

Monday evening RANT from a member…..MEN vs Women

Repost from a member.
Please post anonymously.
Just wondering if anyone else gets annoyed when your spouse doesn’t hold their weight. I work all day, prepare breakfast and pack a lunch for school. Pick then up from after school and then do dinner and homework. All I ask is for him to give them a bath and help clean up after dinner,and I get a song and don’t. Really? Anyone else dealing with this? How do I not flip out? How would you handle this? Appreciate any input. Thanks


As I have started my blog and facebook¬†page¬†I say why am I not getting more feedback or interaction from my audience??Then it came to me. I am a what you see is what you get kind of gal. I never say anything behind peoples¬†backs or talk from two mouths. I also dont¬†pretend or cover up the events that go in in¬†my life. Then it occurred¬†to me….as my hubby says ” well it isnt you”.

Cyberspace can be whatever you want it to be. How many times are we told not to air our dirty laundry? To an extent I do believe that and certain¬†things are private! How many of you know people personally who’s life¬†is FAR from perfect(as most of us are) but on facebook¬†they have it all??? REALLY?? Who are you kidding? I come from the you dont like it change it school. AND I HAVE followed my own advice.

So my thought is that perhaps no one wants to participate in RANTING because of fear that their un perfect life will be revealed? WHO CARES!!! Be true to yourself. Your problems are probably everyone elses problems. Only by sharing can you gain insight. OR perhaps I am the only one who feels the need to RANT and express myself and get insight from others?? I now offer private in boxing and reposting anonymously .I will see if people are more comfortable with sharing/ RANTing and get feedback without airing their own dirty laundry.

AGAIN I guess this is why I am the CRAZY mamma!!

What are your thoughts on cyberworld lives?? Are you like me and like feedback? Because in the end we really are the sane ones!!!!

Please note this post is by no means insulting people who dont wish to share their world.

Blogging advice

So as I read on some of your blogs I see I have much room for improvement.  I could use input and advice on how to include info (creating link using the word for instance). How to get people engaged?
My purpose is to pass on info I come across but mostly just to rant.¬† A place were parents can discuss, complain or even bitch about what’s going on. A non judgemental zone especially if you think outside the box!¬† People read¬† and sometimes like my blogs and fb rants but no one engages in the RANT.
Can anyone help a newbee?

Ttyl The “crazy” mamma….

Dad vs Mom

This is certainly a rant! I start this by saying I have one of the good guys He is a hard worker and in spite of my “crazy” antics he loves me to death!! Oh and a great father! THAT BEING SAID………… News brief to all. Although I am grateful that I am with my lil man 24/7 NEVER underestimate how hard that job is! Being home with your child is BY FAR the hardest job. I am also blessed with a child who loves life and doesnt want to miss a second of it! So when you are on your 25th hour and your spouse comes home from work and complains of what a long day they have you want to through something at them!!!
Being tired can put a strain on any relationship.
Always treasure the person who has put themselves aside to care for you! Last night was my first night without a call for mommie. Meanwhile my spouse is still sleeping while I have been awake since 5am ish! Yeah lets see….hmmm why am I a cranky “crazy” mamma?! ūüėČ
I welcome your comments..