A day in the life

A second turns into a minute. A minute turns into and hour. An hour turns into a day. Before you know it 6 months have passed.
With every day we live a different journey. Find peace in what you can’t control and find joy in what is. No one can judge your journey. Do what you need to get through those seconds as eventually they will turn into your life.


Dad vs Mom

This is certainly a rant! I start this by saying I have one of the good guys He is a hard worker and in spite of my “crazy” antics he loves me to death!! Oh and a great father! THAT BEING SAID………… News brief to all. Although I am grateful that I am with my lil man 24/7 NEVER underestimate how hard that job is! Being home with your child is BY FAR the hardest job. I am also blessed with a child who loves life and doesnt want to miss a second of it! So when you are on your 25th hour and your spouse comes home from work and complains of what a long day they have you want to through something at them!!!
Being tired can put a strain on any relationship.
Always treasure the person who has put themselves aside to care for you! Last night was my first night without a call for mommie. Meanwhile my spouse is still sleeping while I have been awake since 5am ish! Yeah lets see….hmmm why am I a cranky “crazy” mamma?! 😉
I welcome your comments..